Once there was an angel who flew strong and high,

Until words became bullets that shot her down from the sky,

People’s hateful remarks brought her down from the clouds,

And suddenly she was surrounded from all around,

Sentences alone had caused her fall,

And now suddenly the angel wasn’t an angel at all,

Each person threw their own lash that came with its own sting,

They locked her up in a cage and sliced off her wings,

Each word would become a storm in her head,

And then the knife was brought out and life ran red,

The first to open their mouth was all it had to take,

To unleash a storm- a tempest of hate,

Lies were told and rumors were spread,

And things that never needed to be said were said,

There was no stop to the pain and for every lash,

The red would flow as the knife would slash,

But no one could answer her silent call,

And she began to wonder why she was there at all,

So she turned her back on help and slammed the door,

And one red- spattered night she decided she couldn’t take any more,

You might think that it doesn’t matter what you say,

But you’ll see the consequences on day,

Be careful with every word, every line,

One verbal mistake could ring throughout time,

Be careful or again an angels life could be lost,

It may not matter to you now, but soon you’ll be adding up the cost



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