Careful how you love, which path you choose to go,

Careful who you trust and careful what you show

Careful how you hate, Careful how you lie

Careful just how far you go or else love will die

Careful how you dream and how you fill the holes

Careful your ambitions and how you reach your goals

Careful what you finish and careful what you start

Everyone can lift a secret and everyone can break a heart,

Careful what you risk and who you put at stake

Careful how you spend those few precious moments awake,

Careful what you’re ready to lose and careful what you create,

Careful to keep it together and careful not to break

Be careful what you think- thoughts become words,

Be careful what you say- words become swords,

Be careful because each action’s a knife,

Careful what your choices are and how you live your life,

Careful what you say- in history it’s bound,

Words are monsters that will hunt and stalk you down,

Careful what bridges you burn, Careful what song you sing

Careful what life you give and careful what gift you bring

You have the power to break the mountains and make lightning stand still

After all, One word can save a life and one word can kill,

Careful because you must decide what to do with your gun,

Think ahead so you don’t regret what you’ve done,

Careful because every bullet you fire makes an explosion,

And it sends a thousand million waves off into rippling motion,

Be careful- be cautious- with every single word

Lying doesn’t fix it, And secrets just hurt



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