Once upon a time there was a brave knight,

Who everyone respected… At least in the daylight,

But people all have secrets, and when the night would fall,

The knight wasn’t such a hero at all,

But secrets don’t stay secrets forever- something will always go wrong,

And when you get trapped in a city it doesn’t take long,

So the secrets came out and the hearts were broken,

And the judge’s final convicting words were spoken,

And people out in the streets were cursing the former knight’s name,

And the doors were locked until the time came,

And finally on a sunset that was soaked in red,

People were ready for the knight to be dead,

And so in the knight’s heart they said their last good- byes,

And people were ready to see the knight die,

And the knight wished and wished but they knew it was right,

So they just accepted it and was done with the fight,

They’re firing now, But I know they can’t hurt me,

When the bullet finds its mark it will just set me free,

And I knew a long time ago that I was falling,

But I’m so close now I can hear the voices calling,

And so here’s my last goodbye, my last night,

It’s my final chance to make everything right



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