Fading in and out of focus

Is a heart- framed image of us

This was never what we wanted it to be

I’m slipping in and out of reality

As we keep trying to be strong

And I’m struggling to hold on

All of these secrets between us are just growing deeper

And the hill we’re falling down is just growing steeper

And every night I cry

Because it’s not long until one of us says good- bye

Memories falling down with the rain,

Voices calling- nothing but pain,

What happened to all the “I love you’s?”

We’re trapped in a cage- what do we do?

We have the dynamite- it just needs to be lit

One of us just needs to say it

Making wishes on shooting stars and four leaf clovers

Because both of us already know that it’s over

This is torture at it’s worst

Who’s going to say it first?

We’re done- we both already know

But neither of us are brave enough to let go

I don’t really know what we’re both scared of

Maybe it’s being wrong when we thought is was love

We were wrong about that because

This isn’t love-

It never was

We’re both equally the ones to blame

And this whole thing is driving me insane

Like the colors of a shattered stained glass window

Sooner or later we have to let go

If I take this any longer I swear I’ll die

Because one of us finally needs to say good- bye




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