Tiny waist and massive eyes

People want you to look like a lie

They want you to have flawless features and perfect hair

I don’t know why they even care

All girls think about is I’ll never be as pretty as her

They want you to be nothing but sexy all over

Curving hips and perfect lips

Form like an hourglass- just how long can beauty last?

To know what they should look like they use the internet as a guide

And in the end it’s either success or suicide

But one thing that people never want to see

Is everything I want to be


Because they just want me to dress in clothes from the latest designer

My face hidden by layers of makeup and eye liner

They want me to only focus on how I look

Something right out of a fairy tale book

But who cares what the media has to say

Because if I was supposed to look different…

Than I wouldn’t have been born this way

They want me to focus on finding love

But that’s not what I want to think of

You’re too skinny, you’re too fat

There’s better things to focus on than that

And sex is all people desire

I’ve tried being like that and I’m tired

Because I don’t want to live that way

Because it’s not worth what people say

And I just want to be the way I was born to be

I don’t care if people see


Because who they want me to be is something I’m not

And I don’t want to “give them what I’ve got”

It’s all about being the the best looking- about being the best

The world is one huge beauty contest

I want to be different, I want to be free

I want to be


Oh, they can talk, just talk away

But once you find beauty all you can think of is

How to make it stay

And it’s not all people say it’s worth

Because I’ve been this way since birth

And I don’t care what they have to say

Because if I wasn’t supposed to look like this…

I wouldn’t have been born this way




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