GHOSTS (story part 6)

So far every single day,

The story of your death goes through my head on replay,

I don’t want people and I don’t want to eat

I just want to somehow find unending sleep,

But I won’t because that would be caving

And you once said that every life was worth saving

So I won’t end it myself, but I can’t take this anymore,

Remembering your blood on that forest floor,

It was all a risk, it was all a choice

And in the dead of night I hear your voice,

Ringing through, stuck in my head

I have to remind myself that you’re dead,

Sometimes I don’t even know by the way it feels

If everything that happened was even real

And that’s what’s killing me the most

I can’t live with these ghosts

Sometimes I wonder if it was all a lie

I’d never met you- never see you die,

I’d never heard your voice in the night whisper my name

The only reason for this all was that I’ve gone insane

That was the only sensible conclusion

That it was never real- it was all an illusion,

But it had to be real- those promises spoken

Because if it wasn’t real then my heart wouldn’t be broken,

It wasn’t a dream and it wasn’t a lie,

I really had been there and watched you die,

And that’s what’s killing me the most-

I can’t live with these ghosts,

I’m standing here, balanced on a ledge

Help me now before I go over the edge

I’m pretty sure that your wolf gaze

Will haunt me forever for the rest of my days

Maybe soon I can be free from these chains,

Outside of all of this pain

This is never what I’d wanted

Once you died I became haunted,

I need to somehow get over you

I need to take a deep breath and pull on through

But loving you was something I’ll never regret

And your call was something I’ll never forget

And if you’d really wanted me to,

I’ll live forever haunted by the ghost of you



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