Maybe I’m different- Not like them,

And I’ve been called out for it again and again,

It’s true that they view me as someone that they take and throw down

That they close their doors and hide whenever I come around,

They think that mental sanity’s what I lack,

And they call me a freak behind my back,

They lock me up and say I should be banned,

But I don’t get mad at them- They just don’t understand,

I know it’s not hate that pulls them back when I’m near,

I know it’s not spite- I know that it’s fear,

It’s because:

It’s only when my head’s fully underwater that I can breathe,

It’s only when my eyes are closed that I can see,

Only when I finish do I know I’m not done,

And every time I try my hardest I know I’ve won,

Only when I’m in love do I know my feelings lied,

And only when I’m dying do I feel alive,

People keep trying to put out my flame,

They whisper about me- They call me insane,

They all say that my head needs a good kick,

Parents keep their children away thinking I’m sick,

But I stay calm because when they chain me up now I’m free,

It’s not that I’m crazy- It’s what they don’t see,

Because I can still see the magic in sunsets, I see the magic in fire,

I see the magic in a young man carrying his love when she’s tired,

I see the magic in full moons, See the magic in midnight,

I see the magic in life and I see the magic in daylight,

So it’s not just me,

It’s not that I’m crazy- It’s just what they don’t see



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