THIS WOLF LULLABY(story part 5)

Moonlight spilling across the ground,

The night doesn’t make a single sound,

There’s only the full moon, Only the wind

Only us in this place that we’re in,

We’re laughing, we’re wild, we’re free

This way forever- just you and me,

We can wish all of our problems away

That’s what I want but it can’t be that way,

Because we’re forced to be on the run,

Because wolves are dangerous creatures

So the hunt has begun.

Chased out beneath stars glowing above,

I know why I’m running-

It’s because I’m in love,

Quick and soundless through the dark,

I watched them put a bullet through your heart,

And as the silver flash went through,

Before it hit you mouthed the words

“I love you.”

I’d never wanted this to be your fate,

And I tried to save you

But it was too late,

And covered in black, my face with a hood

I ran from the hunters out of the woods,

For days afterwards I wouldn’t believe it was real

You were something that they couldn’t steal,

Because I’d tried and tried and tried,

I’d done my best- So why had you died?

The hunters had taken all that mattered,

Now I was just broken dreams and a heart that was shattered,

So I went out and dug your grave in the woods where you belonged,

Thanking you for teaching me to be strong,

I hoped and prayed you’ve found heaven’s gold door

And that where you were now was better than where you were before,

I hoped in the end that you knew you mattered too,

You weren’t a monster

And I loved you,

I remembered how out in the woods where nothings as it seems

Your beautiful song would fill my dreams

And by the time I was done it was too dark to see

But I could practically feel your wolf eyes watching me,

And as I wondered where you are

I looked up at the stars

And I made a wish and I saw that

Written across the stars and sung through the sky,

Was all of our story-

This wolf lullaby



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