FOREVER (story part 4)

There’s been a lot of hardships

There’s been a lot of fights

There’s been so many times I’ve crept into the woods at night,

There’s been a lot of hope and a lot of wishing on stars,

There’s been a lot of trying to figure out who you really are,

But our greatest challenge yet

Was when you told me that humans carried a threat,

And I stared at you, stunned

As you told me about hunters with cages and guns,

Driven off of nothing but sheer will

Waiting for a wolf to kill,

And my whole world was full of ice and snow

As you said you had to go

And I asked it you’d leave me and you said never

I want you to stay with me


It was incredible it was dangerous it was perfect

As I felt your fangs at the base of my neck

And now I was just like you

Now I was a creature of the forest too

And it wasn’t until later that I could fully see

That you’d done it to protect me

Because if they found out that I’d kept you safe

They’d do what they could to make me break

And so began the wolf- hunter fight

As we crept off in the dead of night

Finally free out in the winter air

It was as taunting and tempting as a crazy dare

They were after us now, after what we went and began

And together was wolves through the night we ran

You side by side with me

I wondered how the end would be

As I shifted back to a human at first try

I didn’t want to say good- bye

With any luck we’d escape with our lives

It was my turn to keep you alive

And even if the end wasn’t happily ever after

I know that I’ll still love you




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