FIVE MINUTES (story part 3)

Have you ever had that moment when

You break free from being haunted,

Have you ever had that moment when

You’ve found all you’ve ever wanted?

Have you ever put yourself back together

After being broken in half

Has a wolf ever saved your life?

Well, for me one has

And now I was out of the smoke,

I could breathe,

And now I had

Those beautiful wolf eyes locked onto me

And I had something more real than any love letter

Right now my life couldn’t be better,

Thinking of all that I could’ve missed

Every time I feel your kiss,

Now I know just how far I’d had to fall,

If that night I’d chosen to end it all,

This was all a good thing, right?

He’d shown up and saved my life,

But things weren’t easy, but that was okay,

If he was only a person during the day,

And even if I’d heard all the stories

I still wasn’t scared,

Because if he was a monster

Than he wouldn’t have cared,

Even if it feels like we just have five minutes,

Those five minutes are worth all this,

And it’s thanks to him I’m out of that mess,

And so when he asked me this I said yes,

We both knew that I could’ve ended up dead

And he said

If you had just five minutes left to breathe

Would you spend those last five minutes with me?

Five minutes to love, five minutes to breathe,

Five minutes worth of light to see,

Five minutes more times see our lives on replay,

And wonder what could’ve gone different that day,

Sometimes it seems like that’s all our lives are worth

Just five minutes to death from birth,

But even if it seems like a small amount,

I think that five minutes is enough if you make it count.




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