FIND YOU (story part two)

I’d waited and searched and months had passed,

Day after day since I’d seen him last,

Searching for that voice who’d spoken to me in the night,

The one who’d made me believe everything was alright,

I didn’t know what he looked like because I hadn’t seen,

I’d been caught up in a daze- it’d felt like a dream,

But I did know that he was a wolf at night,

Those green eyes watching me, reflecting the moonlight,

And if there was one thing that I knew

It was that I had to find you

Every night I’d stare out my window

And I would wonder where the wolves go

There were packs out there- were you with the rest?

Somewhere, hiding, deep in the forest,

  Living among the trees,

A dark and shadowed mystery,

I’ve gone out in the woods sometimes though I shouldn’t,

But for some reason this time I couldn’t,

Because despite the fact that it was right outside my home,

Now it wasn’t mine- it was where the wolves roamed,

And I waited and waited for so long,

And sometimes outside I’d hear your song,

I couldn’t find you and it was so wrong,

Because you were the one who taught me how to be strong,

So even though the time that passed grew and grew

I promise

I promise that I will find you,

And months and began to go by,

But I didn’t sit in the dark anymore and cry,

And I wouldn’t be anyone’s doormat,

I was standing up for myself- guess who taught me that?

And one night while I sat outside,

With the moon out and all starry skied,

I saw a flash of green eyes and then silver fur,

And then through the air I heard a soft whisper,

And as I stood up to see

I heard your voice say

“You’ve found me.”




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