THERE’S ALWAYS HOPE(story part one

How many times have  I wished they’d go away,

Taking their bullet fire all day,

Living in a constant fear,

Them saying things no one should hear,

Making me wish I could just be dead,

Sobbing each night as I collapse into bed,

And that was how each day went, but tonight…

Tonight things were different

Another day of taking their fire,

I was done with it, I was just so tired,

And then as I drifted to sleep and closed my eyes,

From outside my window I heard wolf cries,

Reminding me that they’re free while I’m broken,

And I never heard the window slide open

And as I entered into the void of dreamland,

I dreamed a wolf standing over me shift into a human,

And as I cried again in my sleep that night,

I heard him tell me it was alright,

And I heard him whisper “I know it’s rough,

But don’t listen to them- You’re good enough,

And I know that with each word something inside of you dies,

But don’t listen to it- it’s all just lies,

I know right now you’re at the end of your rope,

But trust me on this-

There’s always hope

I think you’re beautiful- that you’ve got what it takes,

Don’t let them make you break,

They’re just jealous so they make you a wreck,

But you’re strong, you’re amazing, believe me, you’re perfect,

I’ll always be here, hidden just out of the light,

I’ve watched you cry every night,

And I know it all hurts, and let me tell you,

Every time you cry,

It breaks my heart too.”

And in my sleep that voice brought me hope,

And uplifted me with every word that it spoke,

And when I woke I wondered if it had been reality,

Because I could remember those wolf eyes watching me,

I remembered the way his words made me feel,

And I wondered again if he was real,

Of course not- it wasn’t possible in the real world,

But his voice had called me his angel girl,

And I know how stupid it seemed,

But I wished with all of my heart that it hadn’t been a dream,

But as I crossed the room and looked out the window,

I saw it-

 a track of paw prints to the forest through the snow



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