Burning, fighting, passing the blame,

The day I first met you was the very first chain,

I should’ve seen the storm and heard the thunder,

Our first kiss came with chains that locked me under,

Deep down inside I knew it was all wrong,

But I was scared and I wasn’t strong,

How to be brave? I didn’t know,

So I took my control and let it all go,

I knew what kind of pain it would bring,

But I was motionless, unable to do anything,

Because once I made that decision it wasn’t mine anymore,

All of my control went over to yours,

But how could you know how I feel?

You thought that the love was real,

And that’s what makes it all so bad,

At the end the look in your eyes was so pained and sad,

But I didn’t love you- I’d just been thrown into a box,

Covered in chains and secured with locks,

And I could struggle and I could shout,

But the chains were still there and I couldn’t break out,

But I found it inside of me at last,

Blew the locks off with a lightning blast,

And now that my heart’s broken I think that I can finally breathe,

Now that I’ve lost everything I know I am finally free,

And now you break whenever you hear my name,

Look back at all the pictures in heart- shaped frames,

And you whisper “I’m sorry,” every night like I’m there,

You act like I never even cared,

And I did like having you beside me here,

But a love can’t last when it was all made of fear,

Fear that it wasn’t right- that it couldn’t,

And most of all the fear that we shouldn’t,

Because even if you once said it could last forever,

We both know we weren’t meant to be together,

And I hope one day you’ll see,

That because of what I did we can now both be free



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