Don’t you love just pretending,

Going on and on with no ending,

Breaking off and then falling back together

Saying we can go on forever

But we just shouldn’t be together,

Just keep on faking

But there’s no hurt- no heartbreaking,

Because this love isn’t really real

We just pretend we feel,

Fighting, leaving, pretending to cry,

Saying the same old apologies then the same old lies,

Then we say we’re free but we’re ignoring the chains,

Because we’re always going to be the same,

I don’t know why we even bother to try,

Because in the end we always just end up saying goodbye,

Don’t you just love forever spinning,

Keep on playing but no one’s winning,

Dream’s where we call each others name

Forever it’s the same old game,

We’re just lost in an ocean,

Only going through the motions,

Maybe one day we’ll care

But right now we’re getting nowhere,

Deep gray, neither darkness or fire,

We’re both so tired,

But we keep just saying our same old lines

Because maybe we’ll get it right this time,

It’s so easy but it shouldn’t be,

When you say to me

“Going on forever and ever

And yet it never

Seems to do anything,

But we can keep on going because we never know what the next round will bring,

We’re one circle closer to better understanding,

So maybe we can stay on our feet this landing,

We’re one circle wiser than we were then,

And I know that you’re tired,

But let’s try it again,”

So we can keep on turning,

Because every time we’re learning,

How to do this right,

And maybe one day we can find light,

Maybe this will stop being just a game,

Maybe we can blast apart these chains,

Maybe this time we don’t need to lie,

Maybe this time we don’t have to say goodbye



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