Once I was told to be all I could be,

And I believed it too, until reality destroyed me,

I would dream big with my head in the clouds,

And then you came over to pull me back down,

And you tried to drown me in the water and weigh me down with chains,

I checked each corner with caution and it drove me insane,

This went on for so many years,

And I was growing sick of fear,

And there’s no good reason- it just is,

And I finally knew that I was better than this,

I was tired of having such low self esteem,

Of letting you make me give up  on my dreams,

And when you went and tried to keep going what you’d begun,

You whispered yet another insult- and I was finally done,

You’d won too many times, kept me in the dark and alone,

I don’t need to face your fire- I’ve got enough of my own,

You tried to back me down but I wouldn’t,

And I know I can do this

Because you said I couldn’t.

No one is perfect- not even you,

And know one can have as much as you think you do,

I’m going to teach you how you made me feel,

And then maybe you’ll learn-

Perfect’s not real,

I’m tired of being the one playing defense,

I’m raising the level of my own confidence,

I’m done with this rocking boat where I’m standing,

It’s time to finally stick this landing,

And when you said everyone would back down to you-

I wouldn’t,

And I can do this

Because you said I couldn’t



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