Once upon a time I thought we’d be happy forever,

But now I think that I know a little bit better,

I made a bad choice- that alone I regret,

I don’t miss you that way, But I won’t ever forget,

Days spent together, Safe in your arms,

Where your whispers and promises kept me safe from all harm,

The notes and the sunsets and the flowers,

The warm evenings and midnight hours,

And I didn’t think either one of us was pretending,

But I realized that I might’ve been wrong after that ending,

I know I wasn’t, But were you?

I’m not sure- I never knew,

It’s nothing personal, it’s just the way it was,

It wasn’t out of hate, It was just because.

You’re golden and laughing and bright as the sun,

You seem so perfect but you’re just not the one,

And we ended it all peacefully this time,

Because you were every girl’s dream-

Just not mine.

You follow the rules, always do what’s exactly right,

You’re warm and strong- you’re daylight,

And I’m glad we didn’t end it in a fight,

Because I love you in a different way, I promise, But what if  I like the night?

What if I like the shadows and I like the cold frosty stars,

And it was never your fault- But that’s just not who you are,

What if I like danger, What if I like the heart breaker’s?

What if I like the bad news, What if I like the troublemakers?

I’m sorry that this is the way that it ends,

And I know that we can still be friends,

Neither of us were mad, we didn’t have a fight,

We just knew that it was right,

And I hope you find another girlfriend- Another someone,

Someone who’s energetic and bold and loves the sun,

I hope you do what you always did and follow your dreams,

Find someone who can stitch back up that torn seam,

I hope that  you remember you’re special, That you once stole my heart,

That only good things set you apart,

And I hope it works for you this time,

Because you’re every girls dream-

Just not mine.



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