I thought I was being careful- I wouldn’t make another mistake,

I thought I was clever- I’d never be the one to break,

I thought I was better than all that- I thought that I knew,

But then I went and lost my head when I met you

I should’ve realized there’s more to you than the eye could see,

I should’ve looked behind my back before you stabbed me,

I should’ve thought twice before I daydreamed,

I should’ve realized it was all more than what it seemed,

I thought everything was going just fine,

Now I realized I must’ve been out of my mind,

I thought that true love was all it could really be,

Now you’re here saying you never even knew me,

Wait- weren’t those your eyes looking back at me at night,

Wasn’t it your voice saying everything was alright,

I don’t know at this point what to believe,

Only that it was you who back stabbed me,

Wasn’t it you who danced with me under the night sky,

No it wasn’t- it’s all one massive lie,

And now I know I’m the only one to blame,

Realized you never even knew my first name,

I should’ve kept my feet on the ground,

Should’ve realized that there were secrets flying all around,

I could’ve just avoided this mess,

And if I was smart than it all would’ve hurt less…




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