Darkness, shadows, lost hours, a deep red haze,

Time flies by with wings as I’m locked in this daze,

I haven’t complained or screamed or cried,

And they’re trying so hard to keep me alive,

They all talk encouragement that just gets lost in my head,

You can’t fix someone when something inside of them’s dead,

A sky full of clouds, my thoughts like a crashing ocean,

When you can’t stand you fall down-

It’s just a law of motion,

I keep shoving you off and saying I’m fine,

But deep down I know that I’m running out of time,

Down into nothing I’m forever  falling,

I don’t hear anyone when they’re calling,

I went and gave it all up for this?

If you can’t walk on there’s no forwards,

It’s just simple physics,

I keep hearing all the voices of the past sounding,

And all I really feel is my heart slowly pounding,

No answers, nothing but a sea full of why’s?

My thoughts drift around me- lost somewhere up in the sky,

I’m in pain all the time and I’m sick of this,

If your heart stops you can’t breathe-

It’s all just dynamics,

I’m trying to breathe but I forgot how,

Everything is so different now,

I tried to do what I believed was right,

And now I’m trapped in the shadows with no hope of light,

It’s nothing but darkness surrounding me,

I can hear the ghosts now calling, they’ll set me free,

They’re saying I can pull through but they’re all just liars,

What if recovering just isn’t my desire?

It’s  all just motion, just physical science,

I’m ready, I’m letting go…

It’s my last act of defiance.



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