When you look out at the pitch black streets,

Do you remember me

When people are silent and the whole world seems asleep

Have you ever wondered why

You saw your name written in stars throughout the sky?

Have you ever ever have your heart broken in half

Well guess what? I know you have.

I remember when you were mine

Before I went and crossed the line,

And now

When the air is dark ice and the stars are flames

That’s when you hear the voice of the night start calling your name

Ringing through the air and out over the ground

It’s the werewolf’s song- the night’s perfect sound,

When the moon is floating round and high

The sound of the night echoing through the sky

When the only light is silver and blue

That’s when I start calling for you,

I know your out there even if its been so long,

I can imagine your smile as you hear my song,

It’d all ended all because

You finally found out just what I was

But you’d loved the dark and you’d loved being free

That’s why you loved being side by side with me

You’d hated how the Earth was wrecked

And you weren’t scared of anything- and that’s why we were perfect

But now we’re alone and have to stay apart

It’s almost easy to pretend you never broke my heart

I think of you when the day is done

And how we have to face what we’ve begun

But I’ll never forget- you know that that’s true

Because when the night comes

That’s when I start calling for you-




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