You told keep telling me “I wish you would come back to me,”

You keep saying “If you’d just waited you could see,”

But I know better than to listen to what you say,

You had my trust, but then you threw it away,

You tell me I’m not better off without you,

But I know that that isn’t true,

Because even if I once held on tight,

Try all you want- you were never right,

You tried way too hard and you backed off too fast,

How did you expect that to last?

You tried to force me to begin to feel,

And that’s how I know it wasn’t real,

That’s not how you win a heart you know,

You got me once- But then you let me go.

Maybe once it could’ve been,

But this is now and that was then,

You always ran you were always scared,

You would’ve stood your ground if you’d really cared,

I know you weren’t a Happily Ever After, Not a fairy tale,

You had your chance and then you failed,

You never thought, You wouldn’t try,

You left me alone in the dark to cry,

And I’m tired of getting you to to even pretend,

So I’m walking away- That’s it- the end,

You never said “I love you” back at me,

I’m sick of this- And now I’m free,

I would sit alone, wishing I could have fun,

Because you always stayed away- and that’s just not how it’s done,

That’s not how you not how to win a heart you know,

You got me once- But then you let me go




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