You’re scared to speak up, Afraid you won’t fit in,

Too scared to show the light within,

You’re afraid to talk, To say what you think,

Afraid you’ll make the whole ship sink.

Don’t be seen or caught or heard,

Hide behind the crowd and don’t say a word,

Why are you here? What does your life mean?

Sometimes it feels like just a dream.

Well now’s the time to wake on up,

Let the whole world know that you’ve had enough,

Rise on up off the floor,

This is what you’ve been waiting for!

Weakness now changed to strength and pride,

You’ve risen up and changed the tide,

Unleash you’re storm and blaze with light,

A wildcat that came from the dead of night,

Stronger than iron, Stronger than steel,

Breathe it in, ‘Cause this is real!

You’re the strongest legend this land has seen yet,

Firing into a red sunset,

Knock them all down and out of sight,

Make them feel their own stinging bite,

You’ve forgotten fear now that you’ve learned how to fly,

At this point you’ve forgotten even how to cry,

Leader of the pride, Just hear this lion roar…

This is what you’ve been waiting for!



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