Once I was perfect, On top of the world,

I was looked up to, Respected- You could trust my word.

They said I was faultless- I knew where I was at:

Perfect. A role model.

But what’s the fun in that?

A hard fall, A dark turn was all that it took,

They’ll write down my name in every history book.

But not as a hero- I’ll never go back,

A flash of scarlet in a world of white and black.

They fear me, They hate me, They call me insane,

But it’s better than perfect- The world knows my name!

I’m stronger than lightning, Stronger than a storm!

This was my destiny from the second I was born,

I’m a wildfire that sparked from a tiny flame,

Challenge me? Fine. Let’s play that game.

My legend has spread as far as west is from east,

People couldn’t believe I’d turned into this monster, This beast,

Hanging, arrows, swords and knives,

It may bring fear to you, But that’s how you live the life!

You may call me evil, But we all have just one shot,

You have one life- just a short time- so give it all that you’ve got!

I hunt down all my enemies, But I won’t cause your fall,

As long as you answer with courage when you hear my call



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